Jelly Cube is a roll-a-cube puzzle style – game starter kit.
This means game developers can use its technology to create your own amazing and unique game.
The code is very clean and with comments to help the understanding.

  • Mobile friendly;
  • Roll-a-Box’ Puzzle mechanics with several levels of challenges and great visuals;
  • Create different mechanics changing the way the cubes act on each other;
  • All source code included;
  • Documentation explaining how to create new levels;
  • Easy to play. Easier to Implement new levels;
  • Includes an example of a Sokoban style game mechanic;
  • Beautiful Rubber/Jelly Effect Script to use in another projects.

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This pack contains a complete working game prototype, with nice and challenging gameplay, and ready to create new levels or use as basis to create a new game.

Download the Demos

[WIN] Windows binaries
[MAC] Mac OS binaries




Click Here to purchase at Unity Asset Store